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"Word from Rev. Vance"

We greet you in the all sufficient name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We invite you to our church where we are seeking to Love God Intentionally, Love People on Purpose, and show God’s Love Out Loud.

As one of the newest communities of faith in Fayette County, New Direction HCM is part of the legacy of faith birthed in Fayette County, GA, where we believe that all are called to a great work in Jesus Christ through Faith, Love, and Life.

Effective and Impactful preaching and teaching will lead us to give God the highest praise, in worship and in our deeds of service toward all humankind.

We are a church that seeks to serve God through development of disciples, fellowship of believers among all God’s people regardless of race, or ethnicity. Looking for a place to learn, and grow in relationship with God and humankind, we invite you to visit New Direction HCM.

- Rev James D. S. Vance


In September, 2015 God began to germinate the seed of changeplanted in the heart of Rev. James D. S. Vance; while pastoring his fourth A.M.E. Church in South Georgia, a vision for what could be the body of Christ free of the denominational shackles and traditional hindrances of traditional theology, began to take shape. A vision based upon the life of Jesus Christ alone, a vision for the body of Christ built on Discipleship, Worship, Leadership,and Service. 

In February, 2016 Rev. Vance stepped away from his formerdenominational bonds and with his family, and much prayer New Direction HCM was born on Pentecost Sunday, May 15,2016. In the cafeteria of Bennett’s Mill Middle School, the new born burst on the scene with much fanfare, two weeks later wemoved to the Best Western / Holiday Inn hotel’s on Hwy 74 in Fulton County where we grew through the infant stages of growthuntil April 2017.

In May 2017, we moved into the home of Rev. andMrs. Vance to prepare for the toddler stage where we would explore holding service in a traditional church building starting in November, 2017 thru October, 2018 in Clayton County, GA. In May, 2019 God opened the door to bring New DirectionHCM back to Fayetteville, GA into its current worship facility located at 148 Old Chapel Lane, Fayetteville, GA where bothpeople and ministry are experiencing growth as a body of believers, and in reach as the global streaming ministry expandsword and deed to the entire planet.

Ministrial Staff

Rev. James D. S. Vance

Servant Pastor/ Teacher/ Founder

Rev. James D.S. Vance is a third-generation preacher and the second generation to come through the African Methodist...

Open Position

Associate Pastor & Director of Evangelism

Open Position

Director of Music & Fine Arts

Spiritually Empowered Committee (S.E.C.)

Rev. James D.S. Vance

Servant Pastor/ Teacher/ Founder

Open Position

Associate Pastor & Director of Evangelism

Open Position

Director of Music and Fine Arts

Sis. Tracy L. Berry-Vance

Director Shepard's Care Ministry

Sis. Markgetta "MJ" Langford

Director of Travel Ministry

Bro. Ray Ballard

Church Consultant

Bro. Raymond Rolle

Director of IT